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Do you know that there are more than 1.88 billion websites on the internet? So, this makes it pretty clear that you need to be unique and different to make your website successful. Every day, dozens of competitors get added to the list of your competitors. That is why having a reliable and efficient website is inevitable for any business that wants to succeed online. The average conversion of the website is 2 percent which is considered very good for any online business. However, most websites on the internet fail to achieve this number and struggle with converting visitors into customers. Spending a large amount of money on your website marketing and development won’t manifest if you have conversion issues with your website. That is why you should always consider optimizing your website for conversions. Here are some areas of improvement that you can improvise to improve your website conversions:

Simple Checkout/Submission Form

If you have too many fields on your submission form or you have a complex checkout process. Immediately address it or, you will lose a chunk of interested candidates. The logic is simple; nobody has the patience to fill too many fields or share too much information. People refrain from choosing complex options, and they like simplicity. Just include mandatory fields and let your customer reach you easily.

Add Proof Of Your Service

If you think people will come and buy your products without looking around for customer reviews or validating your brand, you’re wrong. It is necessary to have proof of service on your website. People believe other people more rather than the brand owner talking good about his products. Try to collect video or text reviews from your customers and proudly display them on your website’s homepage.

Include Trust SealsĀ 

Winning the trust of the customer is required to win sales. Trust is the foundational value that helps to convert a prospect into a lead and eventually a customer. To convince a customer to fill in his card details and checkout from the website requires trust. People refrain from adding their credit cards to websites they don’t trust and prefer to shop from a brand they trust. That is why brand building and winning the trust of the customer are necessary. You can include your certifications, awards, and security seals for the safe transaction on the website.

Provide Assurance

Everybody likes to shop from a place that assures them great aftersales support. Whether you are selling a service or a product, make your customers feel that you will offer them great aftersales support. Including a money-back guarantee, free maintenance, premium support are great methods to win the trust of your customers. People are more likely to buy from a provider that trusts their services or products.

Tell Your Story

People connect with emotions and stories. Storytelling can do magic for small business owners. Introduce yourself and tell about your professional journey. Share your product story with your customers and see how great it works. When people read about you and your passion, they try your service or product. Some brands get immense popularity for their unique stories and reasons for starting their business.

Reduce Website Loading Time

Patience is one of the rarest things that you can think of today. We’ve become habitual to access things in a fraction of sections. That’s why having a slow website will throw you out of the competition. Don’t let your customers wait for more than a few seconds, or keep yourself prepared for the consequences. Google also loves fast websites as much as your customers do. So, it is clear how important it has become to have a quick and efficient website for your business.

Include Call To Actions

Call to action plays a central role in getting website conversions. Add enough call to action to your website so that your visitor knows what exactly he has to do. Don’t just add regular inquiry buttons but also includes some quiz or contests to make it more interesting. Ask people questions and request their emails or phone numbers. It will help your visitors to perform the set of actions you want them to do.


These tips will help increase your conversion rates. However, all the above factors contribute to improving the customer experience. Optimizing the overall customer experience will help you win more sales and form submissions. Improving the customer experience of your website will also improve your Google quality score and help you get a better search engine ranking position. Now it’s time for you to test your site and determine what needs to be done.

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